Monday, 30 May 2011

Pink Hair Studio

Project: Pink Hair Studio
Brief: Website. Client
Date: May 2011

So I recently started working on putting together a website for an awesome hair salon Pink Hair Studio. After previously working for the salon, I am glad to do more for them. The website it just the initial start, and needs a lot adding to it. I am happy with the stage I am at with it.. Well I was until I tried loading the site on a PC and it just completely doesn't work. Fail. Back to the storyboard I guess.

Keeping Organised

Project: Keeping Organised
Brief: Speaking from Experience. University
Date: May 2011

A pack for a student to use to help them keep organised throughout their first year on the BA (hons) Graphic Design course at Leeds College of Art.

The pack comes in an A3 plastic folder, and contains 2 notebooks, 4 module folders, USB stick, to do list pad and an academic year wall calendar.

There are more images of this project here.

Creative Review Advertisement

Would actually love to see what this looks like in real life.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Quick Update

I haven't posted anything for so long due to the fact Uni has been hecktic. However, after completing the last module yesterday, today I am already itching to start something new. Just a few actual days of Uni left until the summer and I will be sure to filling out my time as creatively as possible.

Also, I am adding a new page to the blog where I will put links out to any useful blogs/websites I will probably want to use again as some point as inspiration so I thought I would share them too! So keep watching that space.