Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Customised Alphabet

Project: Customised Alphabet
Brief: University Summer Brief
Date: August 2010
Online: www.sarahpritchard.co.uk

Alphabet designer to represent me as a person: who I am, what I do, where I'm from, etc..

I used each of the letters that spell out my name to show the physical aspect of me that people usually see; such as things I wear or have with me. I showed this by incorporating illustrated images of them on to the letters. I then used the remainder of the letters to communicate different things about me, such as where I'm from, words I say, etc. I kept these designs more simple by just using words/symbols within the letters so that there is a clear distinction between them. I hand drew each of the letter designs to represent the fact that I am hand made by myself and I am who I want to be, not what someone else has made.

I used a series of colours then with the designs to show the fact that I am bright and creative. For the background, I used a selection of photos of people and places I have been. Then, using a bokeh style I made them look work to represent that they are timeless memories, and presented each of the designs to look like a series of polaroid pictures.

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